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My Writing Playlist

Anyone else have that one song that always reminds you of your characters? Or a song that brings you right back to writing your story? Or how about a song sung by the one and only person you can imagine playing your main character in the movie? Well, if you’re like me, you’ve got a… View Article

The Flip Side of Sad – New Excerpt!

With the release of The Flip Side of Sad just a few weeks away, read an exclusive excerpt now! With eyes down on his phone and fingers typing away, James didn’t even realize it when he bumped straight into a waiter, a glass of orange juice splashing onto his hoodie. “Sir, I am so sorry!”… View Article

Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

As someone who has been writing since I was 9 years old, I’ve dwelled in a writer’s block or two.  My worst case of this dreaded bug was a few years back. After spending my late teens/early 20’s drafting some novels, I eventually went down different career paths that led me to things like making… View Article

My Admiration for Poets

Growing up, all I thought of poetry was that it was rhyming words. As someone who spent a lot of my pre-teen years writing song lyrics, I’d also dabble in poetry, rhyming the last word in every second and fourth sentence because that’s all I knew how to do. As I’ve gotten older and stumbled… View Article

It’s Absolutely Magical

With Christmas mere days away, I’ve been cramming in as many festive movies as I can before the big day. From classics like Home Alone to new favorites like A Christmas House, I’ve watched them all. But today, my movie of choice was The Man Who Invented Christmas. This 2017 film tells the tale of… View Article

Book vs. Movie – Christmas Edition

Picture it: snow’s coming down outside, the lights are dimmed and you’re curled up by the lit tree with a warm drink. You sit there for a moment, pondering the question… the book or the movie? Well, which would you choose to entertain yourself on a cozy winter night in? Here’s my take on these… View Article

I Watched Little Women.

Over the weekend, I watched the 2019 version of Little Women. I’ll admit, I’ve never read the book and had never seen any of the movies. Honestly, I barely knew what it was about. But it was on and I became lost in the story and just had to watch until the end. And I… View Article

The Struggle of Naming Characters

Name Generators. Baby Name Websites. Irish Surnames. Any other writers have an incredibly difficult time coming up with names for their characters? I can never use a name that reminds me of basically ANYTHING. Sometimes the perfect name just comes to me, but other times I need to do a lot of searching! Because Kelly… View Article

Cursing in Novels

Those gosh darn curse words, I just never know when they’re appropriate. As someone who probably should have washed my mouth out with soap a time or two, it may come as a surprise that I always prefer not to curse in my writing. Personally, when I see a flat out f-bomb in the midst… View Article

You wrote a book.

You wrote a book. Take a minute to realize you wrote a book. You created the story. You birthed the characters. You designed the setting and flipped the calendars and controlled a whole world. You found the words and let them flood through your body and expel out the pen in your hand. You raised… View Article