All Write Wednesdays

I Watched Little Women.

Over the weekend, I watched the 2019 version of Little Women. I’ll admit, I’ve never read the book and had never seen any of the movies. Honestly, I barely knew what it was about. But it was on and I became lost in the story and just had to watch until the end. And I… View Article

The Struggle of Naming Characters

Name Generators. Baby Name Websites. Irish Surnames. Any other writers have an incredibly difficult time coming up with names for their characters? I can never use a name that reminds me of basically ANYTHING. Sometimes the perfect name just comes to me, but other times I need to do a lot of searching! Because Kelly… View Article

Cursing in Novels

Those gosh darn curse words, I just never know when they’re appropriate. As someone who probably should have washed my mouth out with soap a time or two, it may come as a surprise that I always prefer not to curse in my writing. Personally, when I see a flat out f-bomb in the midst… View Article

You wrote a book.

You wrote a book. Take a minute to realize you wrote a book. You created the story. You birthed the characters. You designed the setting and flipped the calendars and controlled a whole world. You found the words and let them flood through your body and expel out the pen in your hand. You raised… View Article