Ashley Amber is a 27-year-old author currently seeking literary representation for her LGBTQ+ novel.

After pursuing careers as a pizza cook, ballroom dance instructor and Disney cast member, I always found myself back to where I started: writing. I write romcomdrams that will appeal to teens, young adults and adults alike — or any reader who is a fan of happily ever afters, usually of the LGBTQ+ variety.



"I see your novel is self-titled because you're a masterpiece!"

- actor Nate Hartley


"Our editors were impressed by the creative character introductions to queer characters."

- Q* Anthology for Queer Culture


"Your story ideas are definitely unique, needed, and intriguing."

- Facebook user


"I am 60-years old and Ashley’s story brought tears to my eyes.”

- past Amazon review


"She's a voice that gives,"

- Twitter follower


"Amber's inventive story is bound to Flip any frown upside down for both young and old."

- The Smart Cookie Philes

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