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Ashley Amber is a 26-year-old upcoming author currently seeking literary representation for her LGBTQ+ NA book series.

After going back and forth and back again between a few different career options, I seemed to always find myself inching my way toward writing. In December 2019, I decided a career as an author was the path I wanted to go down and that 2020 would be the year I began seeking major publishing for my book series.

I have spent the last seven years getting to know my characters and perfecting their story and cannot wait for the world to get to know them as well.


"Your work has such an intriguing premise."

- literary agent Linda Camacho

"I see your novel is self-titled because you're a masterpiece!"

- actor Nate Hartley

"I am 60-years old and Ashley’s story brought tears to my eyes.”

- past Amazon review

"This story has so much potential."

- past Amazon review

"This sounds like a strong project."

- literary agent Annie Hawk

"Your story ideas are definitely unique, needed, and intriguing."

- Facebook user

"Simple in words, but powerful in tone."

- past Amazon review

"I truly believe that this author wants to put out a great love story."

- Goodreads member

"Your series targets an underserved audience."

- Literary agent Kathryn Green

"Heartwarming story with great characters."

- The Guardian

"We need more authors like you!"

- writer Arsi De Flores

"Our editors were impressed by the creative character introductions to queer characters."

- Q* Anthology for Queer Culture

"She's a voice that gives,"

- Twitter follower

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Image of Ashley Amber