How Do Writers Not Go Insane?

January 28, 2022 6:49 pm

How do writers not go insane?

I have so many stories, characters and ideas screaming at me all at once, all the time.

So a combination of maternal instincts and guilt kicks in. When I focus on one, I feel like I’m neglecting the others. When I try to give them all equal amounts of attention, I burn out.

I’m currently juggling writing 3 new articles a week, publishing the sequel to TFSOS, writing the third book in the Flip Side Series, rewriting the opening pages of the manuscript I’m querying, plus have 3 WIPs collecting dust on my computer.

But I can’t help but want to speed write my articles for people to read. I want to finally see TFSOS sequel in the hands of my readers. Then I want you all to find out what will come next for James Letta, because that ending is a doozy. I want to receive a offer of representation from a literary agent; the one that will finally introduce you all to Noah and Ronan. And I want to finish the stories of my other LGBTQ NA characters, and my one YA horror ensemble, because right now their lives have been put on hold.

I know all of these stories will find homes someday. I know all of these characters will meet the world, and all of these ideas will come together. But until then, I guess all I can do is just keep writing.